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Get Our FREE Guide To Purchasing The Best PEMF Device For You!

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12 Reasons why the iMRS is the Gold Standard in PEMF Therapy

Uses exclusively earth-based and brain-state frequencies

So your cells can optimally tune in and resonate to these healing energies

Uses the research-proven sawtooth waveform

Which provides the cells with a full spectrum of needed frequencies and optimal ion transport.

Is the only Full Body Mat PEMF device using the Research-Proven squarewave

Which was PROVEN to be the most effective for healing, regeneration and pain relief

Is the only pulsed magnetic therapy device to have a True Biorhythm clock

Which helps to synchronize the body and mind to be energized in the morning and relaxed at night

Has 3 pairs of tightly wound pure copper coils (not wire mesh like competitors)

Which gives a pure pulsed magnetic field and deeper penetration for a more effective treatment

Reverses polarity every two minutes and has a complex varying waveform

Which prevents habituation and acclimation so you will get long-term benefits

Has the ideal range of Intensities from pico tesla to 300 uTesla

Which is great for both sensitive people needing a gentle setting and high-end athletes who need a stronger intensity

Minimizes Electrosmog Exposure by Converting AC to DC at the wall with a special plug

Which further insures you will only receive the natural earth-based frequencies that the body needs for healing and repair

Is Digital, Programmable and Easy to Upgrade

Which makes using the machine easy, and allows you to customize settings suited to your individual needs

Has a new biofeedback system called the iMORE (Interactive MOnitoring and Regulation System)

Which automatically adjusts the intensity to match what the body needs AND further prevents habituation for long-term benefits. The biofeedback takes the guesswork out of using the iMRS system and puts using the system on “autopilot” so you can just relax and enjoy the benefits.

Has a complementary light and Sound System that is synchronized to the frequencies in the mat called the iSLRS (integrated Sound-Light Relaxation System)

Which uses binaural beats and LEDs to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain further relaxing both body and mind and enhancing creativity and brain functioning.

Has a New iGuide for practitioners with a Built in Database of 250 health conditions and pre-programmed settings for the full body mat, pillow and probe

Which helps practitioners with the exact settings they need for most common health problems

Common Questions

How many times a day should you use the unit?

At the very minimum two times a day

Is hydration important?

Very much so ! You will need to consume at least eight glasses of water a day

Can the mat be used on animals?

Yes the Mat can be used on small and large animals.

Which applicator should I start using first?

Always use the for full body Mat first followed up by either the pillow or the probe

How far does the energy extend from the mat?

The energy extends 2 to 3 feet in every direction.

In Summary, the new iMRS is the most versatile, most effective and most natural PEMF system available today. Which helps give you more energy, assists with better sleep, pain relief, stronger bones, improved immunity, increased circulation and oxygenation and a whole lot more!

What our clients say

After I used this product I felt so much better!

John Smith

Austin, Texas

I can keep my ADHD and ADD under control with just a few daily treatments.  I love this machine !!

Kenneth Ormo

Deluth, GA

The iMRS really helped with my sleep patterns.  I had constant insomnia for years.  After using for just a few days I was able to get a full nights sleep!  I highly recommend to anyone.

Juan Avalon

Scottsdale, AZ

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