Before you ask, yes Nikola Tesla has his name rooted in PEMF therapy. Hence the unit of measurement of intensities as mT (microTesla). In treatments and explanations about PEMF therapy, the unit microTesla is often compared to the unit of measurement known as Gauss, from Carl Friedrich Gauss. For reference, 1 Gauss = .0001 Tesla, or 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss. Tesla’s work in alternating currents and electromagnetic fields has paved the way for PEMF therapy in medical environments including the world of chiropractic. In this blog, I will elaborate on how Nikola Tesla is tied into the world of electromagnetic fields and how it can play a role in the world of chiropractic.

Shockingly, as we approach the second decade of the millennium, PEMF as a healthcare therapy was introduced in the late 1800s. Let that sink in for a moment as to how long it takes for something beneficial to reach the masses. And even still, not everyone knows about PEMF. But they’re surely aware of Nike, Apple, and what the hottest celebrities are doing. Tesla was aware of the benefits early on where harmless electric currents could pass through the body without contact. Back in the 1800s, those currents were emitted from large wall-sized coils. In one such picture, you can see Tesla reading beside them for a size comparison. Unfortunately, doctors and surgeons always leaned toward invasive surgery and pharmaceuticals. On the plus side, Tesla was not the only one experimenting with PEMF technology in its infancy stages.

PEMF And Pain Relief

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It’s like putting water on the fire. PEMF has been known back then and now to relieve pain almost immediately. Pain is something we’ve all experienced in one form or another. It’s common to stub your toe on your desk, cut yourself when cooking or apply antiseptic to an open wound. Those are three separate stimuli that evoke a reaction from our body’s nervous system. Stubbing your toe and cutting your finger are examples of mechanical stimuli, while the antiseptic is a chemical stimulus.

In the world of chiropractic, where the main concerns are healthy aligned joints and bones, pain relief can still be had. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can positively affect and heal bones, which is nothing short of amazing:

“For instance, a 2012 study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research involved 44 patients with fractured tibias that were either taking longer than normal to heal or [were] not healing at all. After undergoing PEMF therapy, 77.3 percent of the fractures finally healed.”

Keep in mind that PEMF shines not in healing the bone itself. PEMF waves will not regrow the bone. They will, however, speak to and supercharge the cells, stimulating the regeneration process and cells behind regrowth.

The Outcomes

Speaking to chiropractors, they could greatly benefit from incorporating PEMF therapies into their practice. It brings value to their entire patient base for those patients who want to seek alternatives and complimentary services for relief. If you are local to the Bradenton / Sarasota area, I can especially help. Reach out to me directly at and we can speak about growing your practice.

Speaking to patients who are intrigued, the effects after being treated with PEMF are many. Patients report feeling better overall, more awake and more energized. The truth behind electromagnetic waves flowing through the human body at a low frequency allows them to seek out the pain and discomfort without feeling any harm.

Imagine being adjusted at your chiropractor’s office to relieve joint pressure and release any fluid build-up. Your joints will feel loosened, your body will not be as tight and your flexibility increases. Then, the PEMF therapy will energize you. You’ll feel like a brand new man or woman, ready to take on the world.


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