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iMRS Omnium1 – World’s 1st Android Based PEMF System

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. It symbolizes power and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. And that‘s exactly what the brand new iMRS Omnium1 can do for you. The first worldwide Comprehensive Health Interface (Chi-System) for home use serves as a variable control unit for a wide range of health, wellness and fitness applications.

Top “New” Benefits of the iMRS Omnium 1Omnium1

  • Great Price
  • High End Android Tablet Included
  • Extremely Portable – Will Fit in a Backpack
  • High Tech and Easily Upgradeable
  • Built in Long Battery Life (up to 5 hours on highest intensity)
  • Velcro Wraps around Applicators
  • Helmholz Coils on Omnispot yield a Uniform Magnetic Field
  • Omnibrain Light and Sound System with Advanced Color Therapy
  • Omnium 1 Technology

Developed, engineered and designed in Switzerland the iMRS Omnium1 is based on the worldwide known and established Android platform. It can be used as a regular tablet without any restrictions: Surfing the web via WIFI, sending, receiving emails and complete access to the android app structure.

In contrast to a regular market-based tablet the Omnium1 not only contains of a specific high performance battery (14,8V, 9000mA/h), it is to date the world`s first tablet equipped with two serial ports (specific 20-pin connector). These accesses allow connectivity and control of a wide range of health, wellness and fitness related hard- and software applications (W@pp`s).

Omnium1 Technical Specifications

  • Size (W x H x D) – 214 x 138 x 12.4 mm (5.43 x 8.43 x 0.49 inches)
  • Weight – 567 g (1,25 pound)
  • Chip (CPU) – RockchipRK3188, quad-core Cortex-A9
  • Graphic Chip (GPU) – PowerVR™ Series 5XT,1.4G pixels/s @ 400MHz
  • Internal Memory (ROM) – 16 GB
  • Internal Memory (RAM) – 1 GB
  • Battery – Li-polymer standard 14.8V, 9000mAh
  • Housing – Aluminium, Plastic
  • Display-Type – capacitive 5-Dot Multitouch-Display
  • Display-Size – 8.0“ (20,32 cm)
  • Display-Ratio – 16:9
  • Resolution – 21280 x 800, 217 DPI
  • External Connectors – 20 Pin Adapter, Micro-HDMI, Audio Out, Microphone, Camera, Card Reader, WIFI.
  • External Memory – microSD, microSDHC (max. 32 GB)
  • Camera – 2.0MP Front Cam, 8.0MP Rear Cam with LED Flash
  • Operating System – Android™ 4.4.2 (KitKat)

Omnium1 W@pp`s

A W@pp is traced to the well-established term which basically describes a software application, whereas a „W@pp“ or Wellness Application always contains of software and hardware components, which are connected with and controlled by the Omnium1.

Daily routines like blood pressure evaluation, blood glucose measuring, ECG`s, EEG`s, heart rate variability and even active and analog applications like pulsed electro magnetic field therapy (PEMF) or brain wave entrainment can soon be performed, evaluated and monitored by and with only ONE single control unit. Numerous W@pp`s (wellness applications) are already available with the launch, others will follow over time – the possibilities are almost endless!

iMRS One

The iMRS one-W@pp consists of a software package, an intelligent D/A converter to transform the digital control signals into analog, pulsating, electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and a hardware-set (applicators) for the output (multiple options available). iMRS one is the world`s first magnetic resonance stimulations system W@pp which performs on an android platform. It is technically based on the most sold and most popular PEMF system in the world for home use, the iMRS. Together with the Omnium1 interface the iMRS one consists of the unique capability of performing socket free, easy to use and totally independent PEMF applications with various applicators. The software surface is very intuitive, easy to operate and due to the proper size of the touch icons also suitable for the elderly. The new generation of applicators (OmniMat, OmniPad and OmniSpot) are outstanding, due to their high quality fabric, excellent workmanship and a compact construction for an easy and smooth transportation.

iMRS one Software

The iMRS one W@pp for Omnium1 was created based on the newest findings in terms of easy, safe and effective operation. Clear menu structure, big touch icons with easy to read font sizes and at the same time a fresh, modern and high contrast surface design allow an intuitive and simple usability within minutes of instructions. In addition the iMRS one W@pp offers 5 preinstalled quick start programs.


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